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Saturday, 16 August 2008

on to the Dyno

I rode Blackbob out to the Dyno centre, not running great, felt a bit strangled, so after the Dyno guy's initial shock at the bike (kinda getting used to that ) we got it up on the dyno and gave it a first run, up into 3rd gear (weird feeling doing 60 mph in a 10ft x 10ft room on a bench ) the lamda sensor was showing that at half throttle the carb was too rich and at full throttle way too lean so I pulled the carb and lifted the needle by a couple of notches. fired up again and up into 3rd again, half throttle and suddenly the engine note changed, down oin one cylinder - cut the mag and checked the pugs, lh cylinder sooted up. We checked the spark - fine on both cylinders, fired up again still only the RH cylinder, pulled off the LH rocker inspection covers inlet pushrod has snapped - BASTARD

Got the bob back to the shed with the trailer - pulled the rockerbox off and ive got one snapped and one bent inlet pushrods no stuck valves and nothing to hint at what might have caused it - so it looks lke i'll have to strip the whole motor down again

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