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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Barn Bilt Hack

This is my old Dnepr Cossack hack, I found it under a tarpaulin on a Highland estate about 5 years ago, tracked down the owner and made him an offer, a couple of hours of tinkering and a charged battery and it was on the road with an MOT 8-)

Over the last few years it has been used and abused all year round to haul stuff around the Black Isle, everything from fence posts and bales of hay to mountain bikes and the kids have been delivered in style.last winter I decided to pull it apart and give it a makeover, it had to be a low budget affair cos I'm always skint in the winter, so using only bits I had lying about the shed and what was/is to hand at the farm where I keep it I have been trimming some weight and gradually making it a bit more suitable for the offroad riding I tend t do with it.

The only money spent has been on a Mikuni conversion to try and cure the leaky carb problem inherent with the Russian made carbs.

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