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Sunday, 31 January 2010

BSA B40's

As bought
So far.......

Ive always liked BSA's B40 350cc unit singles, when I was about 16 I used to go to John George's MC's at the Barras in Glasgow on the back of my brothers old CB72E (later became mine) and there would be dozens of ex army B40's lined up for sale. I so wanted one, couldnt afford one then, and JG's closed down soon after and life went on.........

I picked up the remains of an exWD B40 about 5 years ago and have been gradually putting together a trials/trail bike with it. wheels are from a 1970's Montesa, front fork is a '60's Ceriani
Sparks are from a Rex Caunt self generating PVL type system. Tank is a pukka ex works BSA ally one - nearly there

A while back I got another B40 as part of a deal with some T140 bits, havent got a plan for this one yet, its a 1962 B40 civilian model

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Cay Brøndum said...

Hey Steve.

Thanks for Joining my Blog, you were my follower #100, so a special congratulation Post to you, and I put up a Post with a link to you. You do some great work there bruv.

Cheers from Copenhagen