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Monday, 15 February 2010

Tim's Tribsa

Last week I got a call from my mate Tim, he had just bought his old Tribsa back from his mate in Orkney, it was coming down the road by lorry, could I bring a trailer and help get it home for him. We met the lorry at Tore at lunchtime today and pulled the beastie off the lorry (surprising how light it is!) trailered it back to my lock up and had a good looksee.

Its got a close finned ally Tiger 100 motor and BSA box in a mid 50's B31 frame, back wheelis Yammyhar front is BSA, tank is from a Starfire 250 a fibreglass seat unit and a set of dodgy bars complete the picture. definately a good start for a scrambler/hillclimber!

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