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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Everyone's gettin all het up about bobbers

So in order to put things straight, I'm just going to say that IN MY OPINION if its Japanese, if its got disc brakes, if the original bike was built after 1959 or if it uses a new built frame. It aint a bobber - might be a Technobob tho ;-D

BlackBob is a Technobob - inspired by traditional bobbers but uses modern kit to make it go and stop better!
And so is this carbon fibre equipped Scout


Rowan said...

your not wrong mate... whatever label you want to put on those 2 bikes... the word cool also has to apply.. ;)

indianscot said...

Yep, top pic didn't come through, but seen bob before. Carbon Scout is neat, somebody had a bit of apsre time to do all that. Labels are just labels anyway, WGAF about them. Long as builder/rider is happy, it don't matter. Those that care don't matter, those that matter don't care.