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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Are motorcyclists the new caravanners???

Every day, from april through to october, i run from the Black Isle NW to Achnasheen. i've been doing the same run for the last 12 years, sometimes on a modern sportsbike, sometimes on a stripped down classic bobjob other times by car, jeep or lorry but always the same road.
Its a 50 mile stretch including a stop in Dingwall for fuel and whatever we need from the shops..... I love the road, always get a buzz, know where i can really push on and where to back off.... But recently ive noticed a real menace on MY road.
"Motorcyclists" usually in groups of three or more, always bunched together ( for safety???) and more often than not crawling along at 45-50 mph with a convoy of pissed off locals trailing along behind!
Yesterday morning it was a group of three, young guy up front on a Fireblade, older guy in the middle on a fully loaded Dragstar and a woman wobbling along behind on a little cruiser The lorry in front of me couldnt get by them, i couldnt pass h cos they were so bunched up and after 15 miles we had ourselves a convoy!!!
Funny thing was i overtook them on a long straight and carried on the final 10 miles at a steady er.... sensible speed, arrived at the shop, opened up, had a coffee an the three riders pulled up outside. They came into the cafe sat down and started bragging to each other about how fast they had been ridig and what a great road it was!!!!!

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indianscot said...

Ya grumpy auld git!!!!! Life's too short as it is, mate.