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Saturday, 27 August 2011

My old Tiger 90 3ta special

I had this wee Tiger 90 race special on the road for about 5 years back in the early '90s . I bought it from Charlie Pirrie in Stirling (Exact Classics) who had taken it as a trade in from a mate that had raced it with the SCRMCC for a few seasons. Basically a '59 3TA motor built to Tiger 90 spec, in a frame hand built by ex sidecar racer Alan Sheppard. Unity fiberglass tank and seat, Borrani rimmed 3ta  rear and a double sided BSA front wheel in BSA forks held by John Tickle yokes.

It was great fun on the back roads around Stirling where I lived at the time, I converted the total loss battery and coil ignition to a batteryless Boyer kit. When i moved north to Achnasheen in 1997 it came with me, I found the 350 too small for the big open roads there so it got pulled down to do a 500 conversion and never went back together. I've still got the frame hanging in the rafters of the old filling station workshop .... been thinking of putting it back together, with some changes!

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