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Monday, 17 October 2011

Leave it!

Yesterday i put the Ironhead on a car jack and stripped off the knackered rear shocks, typical HD the bushings aint the same as the pair of good Triumph ones ive got lying under the bench! I pushed the still serviceable HD bushes out and the ones in the Triumph shockies out so i could fit the MoCo ones using my press.……

Ran outta time last night so i'll have to press em in tomorrow

The jack must have a leak cos when i looked at the bike on the trailer/bench this morning it had sunk down ..... Looks so much better sitting low!!!

Been lookong at bolt on hardtails all afternoon!!

 l like this one,,, nicked from the Caferacerspecial Blog but I'm still sticking to the street tracker plan 8)

For now!


indianscot said...

Ah, the constant temptation to footer!

Anonymous said...

looking good mate ;)