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Saturday, 14 May 2016


For the last couple of years Ive been gathering a 640 Indian Sport Scout together to build a little 45cu" racer. I had sourced a vertical twin Warrior TT chassis from Jim Preussner in the USA and gradually bought all of the main power plant components doing trades with mates and buying lots of scrap (some good some not so good) on ebay. I mocked up the Warrior last year and it looked like it would hang together fine, but to be honest the factory Sport Scout frame looks so much better .. it has a certain look about it when pared down to the minimum that looks so right! Genuine Sport Scout frames are becoming unobtanium, replicas are being produced in small numbers but they are very expensive and beyond the budget I have for this project, thats why I had settled on the Warrior chassis.. until.. I got an email from Poul Erik Mathieson in Denmark, he was producing fully welded Sport Scout style frames for around the £1000 mark, not cheap but I have seen genuine rear sections go for nearly twice that! I decided to buy one and see what they are like close up... Frame arrived on a pallet to my workplace on Thursday afternoon and was quickly unpacked to have a look When you stand back and look it is unmistakably a Sport Scout frame, on closer inspection you can see that it does not use frame castings, instead the tube joints have been over sleeved to give that look. the welds look good and the plasma? cut rear axle plates look the same outline as factory ones with out the cast in steps.. I will take some close up pics during the week. Yesterday I tried the empty cases and cylinders in the front frame for size.. I think it will work out fine 😎

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