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Thursday, 4 March 2010

BlackBob goes forth

Well, that pretty much brings the story up to date, BB comes out to play most weekends, sometimes gets used for the run up to work at Achnasheen and gets taken to the Loch Ness run and sometimes the Helmsdale Run (both organised by the Highland CMCC) Always ridden hard and fast, always draws a crowd when its parked up, gets mixed reactions from the public, everything from thumbs up to shaked fists (that always cracks me up!)

So what next, down the line, sometime I want to put together a stroker motor, I read about a fella in Oz who put together a 940cc bonnie motor using a Norton Commando crank in T140 cases, but that'll have to wait til Ive finished all the Indian projects!

One thing's for sure, BlackBob aint for sale!


Pete Stansfield said...

What really needs to happen now Steve is for the story to go full circle again ! Nice job......Cheers..Pete

Steve@strathbran said...

OR .. you could send up Ol' Rusty Blue for me to carry on the story for you!
Sounds like a good plan to me!