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Thursday, 4 March 2010

BlackBob part 4

2007 wasnt a great year! I'd had a whole lot of phonecalls from a guy called Adam down in Hampshire who really wanted to buy BlackBob, pretty much asking me to name my price, at first the answer was a definate NO! but as the winter months kicked in and the bills kept coming I was kinda getting forced towards selling him the bike. I was gathering the parts for the Stroker Scout build at this time and something had to go!
In a moment of madness, I called Adam and told him a price, he agreed (didnt expect that!) and early 2007 I met him at Abindon Services and we did the deal, a wad of cash and the remains ofthe ex Chris Knibbs T140 Flattracker came north with me, and BlackBob went south with Adam - I was gutted!

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