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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ive been after one of these for years......

1974, I was 10 years old. I cant remember which of the bike mags it was in, my older brothers used to get both Bike and Superbike, but there was a big colour pic of the new US export only Triumph TR5mx Avenger. The BSA unit single fans among you will know that its was really a rebadged BSA B50mx and it was just the newly formed NVT group clearing old BSA stock on.......... but to a young Triumph fan with an obsession for big dirt bikes, it was the most beautiful bike I had ever seen!

Nine years later I was hanging around Claymore MC's yard in Bellshill near Glasgow (as I quite often did!) when I saw a little orange bike tucked in behind a couple of Shovel chops, I pulled it out and there she was TUN507J a UK spec TR25SS the smaller 250 version of  my dream bike...it was a friday afternoon, I'd just been paid..... a bit of negotiation with a guy called "Stonewall" and I was the proud owner of the wee orange beastie... It was dragged home in the back of a works van, rattlecan painted black and given a rewire and a top end rebuild

I sold TUN in 1987 just before I got married, promised myself I'd get myself a 500 to replace it... I'm still looking!

Today I was browsing the web and I stumbled across this cool Texan TR5, great story here

There are a couple available is the USA, but the shipping cost would make them too pricey

If you come across a good straight TR5MX for sale in the UK ... get in touch  ;-)


Quaffmeister said...

I was reading through.... hoping that you'd end up saying that you'd found one.

Steve@strathbran said...

2 suitable candidates available... but they are stateside and I need to sell the T or the Aprilia to repatriate!