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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Paypal Scammers

Ive had quite a few paypal transactions over the last 10 years, i use it through ebay and for part sales from the blog or just for deals with mates, its quick easy and relatively cheap.

At the weekend i got this email about my Model T

"Hi,Do you still have it for sale? i will like to make an offer of the exactly amount you want to sell it,payment will be made through paypal and i will arrange for the pick up as well. Cheers, Andrew."

I emailed the fella back told him that i would prefer either cash on collection or bank transfer before collection, but didnt accept hi value transactions via paypal due to fees etc

I got a long winded reply saying that he was offshore and was buying the "item" for his son's birthday and paypal was the only way he could do the deal..... alarm bells ..... Pretty much the same woording and story we got in an email from a bogus online buyer trying to buy a £950 gold pendant from our shop (dayjob) using paypal

Sellers beware, paypal says the following in there terms

If a fraudster gets hold of the details of a PayPal account (possibly because the account holder has fallen victim to a phishing email), it’s possible that you could receive an unauthorised payment.


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Rowan said...

when i had the twinnkie up for sale i had dozens of them, almost exactly the same wording, thier shipping agents would pick the vehicle up, they would paypal me 500 more than the asking price, i would pay 500 via western union to the shipping agents in africa as they could not because they were offshore..... so transparently trying to scam it was laughable