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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Just back from a week in the Tuscan hills

Flew into Pisa on the Saturday, picked up a hire car, Fiat Panda (classy eh??) and packed the four of us and all our bags in for the trip to Montefegatesi, in the hills??mountains north of Lucca - we arrived at our villa in the dark, in a thunderstorm after a very exciting drive up a 5000ft mountain on single track then dirt road - I now have the utmost respect for Fiat Pandas, perfect cars for Italian roads!!
Small Fiats, Piaggio 3 wheel pick ups and scooters seem to be the main players on Tuscan roads, didnt see that many bikes, a few HD Sportsters and the odd Duke but every where you looked there would be a scooter of some sort.

A week of mixed weather, great food and wine and a taste for Italian roads, cant wait for another trip, next time I think I'll hire a bike 8-)


Rowan said...

welcome home... i'd have nicked that sign... hahaha

Steve@strathbran said...

cheers Rowan, aye I'd have had it if i coulda got on the plane with it ;-0