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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

While I was away.................

I left BlackBob with Richi Foss in Inverness, hes making a new set of hi level pipes for me and a pair of stainless meggas to match. I dropped in to see him this morning and had a gander at the work in progress, hes tacked it all together for me to ok, still need to trim the ends for length and make up rear mounts and hangers, so the pipes will sit a bit higher at the rear and run parallel. Richi's got it exactly how i wanted it, curving the pipes in and over the primary to give me some more legroom while still keeping the pipes running together. I just ordered a set of exhaust to cylinder head sealing rings/olives to make sure there are no leaks at the head.

work in progress


Quaffmeister said...

Sweeter than a sweet thing in a pot of syrup mate.
The biznizz.

indianscot said...

Well smart. Need him to do similar magic ont SS.