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Saturday 20 June 2009

Snortin Norton

Having a rest after a bit of fun on the farm, heres my 1958 Norton Dommie Scrambler/Desert Racer (aint no deserts here tho!!!!)

more pics ('scuse the legs, its summer, lol) http://s233.photobucket.com/albums/ee71/steveplowman/the%20great%20escape/

JAP single .... I feel a vintage special coming on!!!

I got hold of this 1929 twin port OHV JAP motor as part of a deal with some Triumph parts, after doing a bit of Google homework and making a couple of calls to Cameron Racing Engines, I now know that its a 1929 350cc Sports single. Ive managed to get hold of a late 1920's Chater Lea frame, from a sports single so the plan is to gather the bits together to build a vintage racer/sprinter.

Black Bob's new stable mate

Just aquired this '67 T120R race bike, the motor was put together in the states for road racing then never raced, needs an inlet manifold, carb and an oil tank sorted out and should be good to go!

Whats up!!!

Forgot all about the Diary, lol, back here so I beeter bring it up to date. Black Bob went back together, again, with new push rods, valves and collars, has been run in nice n gentle (yeah right!!) and is pulling strong. Still needs a bit of fettling with the Mikuni but seems to be running happily enough.