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Saturday 24 February 2018

Chout Stripdown

Its taken me a while to get back onto the Chout project. Spent way too much time rolling it out of the barn and looking at it with different sized wheels and slight changes, but I finally decided that there was no going forward without some serious going backwards... Two weeks ago I pulled the whole bike apart over the course of a week of early morning one for shifts I had the wheels off engine and transmission out, the fork pulled off and all the bits and pieces shelved and boxed so I know where it all is. The frame got taken over to Richi at Foss Fabrication to get the final welds done around the kicker mount while I get everything else prepped ready for the final build.

The transmission got stripped down and checked over. Its had a hard life, needs new gears and bushes.The parts are now on order and I hope to have them in the next week or so ready to get it back together.

The front wheel needs some minor mods to make it work with the 101 fork. I settled on a 21" wheel laced to a Honda XL500 hub c/w twin leading shoe single side brake which should help in the stopping dept!