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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Saturday 27 August 2011

My old Tiger 90 3ta special

I had this wee Tiger 90 race special on the road for about 5 years back in the early '90s . I bought it from Charlie Pirrie in Stirling (Exact Classics) who had taken it as a trade in from a mate that had raced it with the SCRMCC for a few seasons. Basically a '59 3TA motor built to Tiger 90 spec, in a frame hand built by ex sidecar racer Alan Sheppard. Unity fiberglass tank and seat, Borrani rimmed 3ta  rear and a double sided BSA front wheel in BSA forks held by John Tickle yokes.

It was great fun on the back roads around Stirling where I lived at the time, I converted the total loss battery and coil ignition to a batteryless Boyer kit. When i moved north to Achnasheen in 1997 it came with me, I found the 350 too small for the big open roads there so it got pulled down to do a 500 conversion and never went back together. I've still got the frame hanging in the rafters of the old filling station workshop .... been thinking of putting it back together, with some changes!

Friday 26 August 2011


Is the fine art of hiding the truth while implying perfection

1965 Tiger 90 motor turns freely came out of trail special some light damage to fins and casings otherwise in good order.

Until you open up the primary

One trail special, burns oil like an Iraqi oilfield recovered from a bog and left in a shed ..... One careful owner .... Out of twenty!

Quite enjoying this, the realities of stripping down an unknown motor and showing Gus what to expect when you buy stuff off ebay ;-)

Thursday 25 August 2011

New Norton

First one ive seen in the metal, and it was waiting for a recovery truck!

Would i have one? ..…… yer damn tootin i would!!!!

Tiger 90 stripdown

It aint pretty!

Bad points so far, broken fin on the head, cracked top mount on crankcases, smallend bushes worn out, rings worn out and a lot of decoke work to do!

Good points....... er...... Most of a Boyer kit, bottom end looks quite healthy and its not seized!

In an underground bunker.......... In a secret location

Ok then, in a wooden shed in a field in the middle of nowhere....

Just got the motor for me n the boy's winter runaround


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Sunday 21 August 2011

Bedford memories

Out for a run on BlackBob this morning and i spotted this old Bedford Dormobile with its roof up. Brought back memories of Plowman family holidays at New Romney in the late 60's .... Dad had two of them and used to tow a big old caravan south from Glasgow every year

Couldnt find one with the Bedford, but here's one from the mid 70's when we did the same trip south with a Hillman Minx towing the caravan and my oldest brother following in his Hillman Inp with a couple of canoes on the roof...... seem to remember him doing two or three cylinder head jobs on the way!!

Disturbing the peace......

On any Sunday

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Thievin Scum

STOLEN TODAY FROM ABERDEEN AREA It's a black and green Honda CBR600RR; It has crash damage on the right hand fairing, missing mirror, damage to cowl (from drop on Sat). - SV10 WDE - PLEASE RE-POST

Friday 12 August 2011

Work to ride

Some days we are quiet in the shop, other days its busy all day, today we had a busy morning and it got quieter this afternoon.... I grabbed the chance for a blast along Strathbran 8-)

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Location:Achnasheen,United Kingdom

Tuesday 9 August 2011

On the bench today

A rear wheel from a late '50s Dommie, will re use the heavy guage galv spokes ( which will clean up ok) and lace the hub into an 18" Borrani with new chromed brass nipples. Got a matching 19" rim for the front, they'll get a pair of Avon Distanzias and go on the Norton desert racer.

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Sunday 7 August 2011

Prepping the Pikey Princess for its test

Got a full set of lights now, power steering is working again, just got the flexi pipe to seal on the exhaust and we're ready to roll .........

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Saturday 6 August 2011

A little detour on the way home

And i scored a good pair of 35mm fork legs for the Norton and a 36 spoke 19" borrani fpr the Indian ......... Cheers Graham 8)

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Its the little things.........

That give you the most hassle.......

Well at least i know my carb is clean. fuel line is good, plugleads are sound, plugs are new, points are new and adjusted and that the timing is set right 8-)

Wish i'd tried the condenser first!

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Friday 5 August 2011

Wednesday 3 August 2011

WANTED 19" wm3 Borrani rim

Drilled to suit a Norton rear hub
So i can get this back together!

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I'm not really into boats......

But this old sailboat anchored between Fortose and Avoch caught my attention as i rode past

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Monday 1 August 2011

Dont ya just love ebay!!!!

Bid and won a Triumph 7" 40 spoke hub and tls brakeplate, pics werent that great, but assured it was in good order........ Just got a 36 spoke Honda hub and brake in the post! Undeniably a better brake but now i need to buy a 36 hole 19" borrani for it ........ Back to the bay

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