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Over 30 years of buying, breaking, building, cutting, welding, riding and selling greasy old mo'sickles. Bare bones bikes from the middle of nowhere!

Friday 29 September 2017

Two projects, six wheels..

My '26 Model T has been following me about waiting for a bit of TLC for the best part of 10 years! Work commitments and other projects have always come first leaving the T under a tarp or more recently tucked away in the barn for later. Just a few weeks ago I took delivery of a '26 touring front body tub which has rekindled the desire to get the car going again and at least into usable farm hack order...

The Indian Chout has been in almost complete dry built state for about 3 years now, a lack of focus and direction on my part has kept me from finishing it off. I recently pulled it out of storage and put together a shopping list of the parts I need to get it finished and on the road... not a hell of a lot, a clutch, some primary parts, plug inserts, gaskets bearings nuts and bolts..

So.. Time for an autumn sale to raise the cash to get these two up and running over the winter, I'll be posting stuff on here, Instagram and Facebook in the next week or so

Friday 8 September 2017

Body tub for the model T

This 1926 tourer front tub was shipped over from Kansas earlier this year to Tuckett's yard down in Bucks.. hope to have it here on the Black Isle later next week to fit onto my '26 rolling chassis :)