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Thursday 27 February 2020

For Sale: Indian 640 Sport Scout Stroker 57cu"

After a lot of consideration I have decided to put my 1940 Indian 640 57cu" Stroker Sport Scout on the market, it was built with the intention to go flat track and hillclimb racing but due to work commitments and family considerations I know that will never happen so it is time to move on.

The Scout has current UK V5c in my name with an age related plate declared as a Historic Vehicle, 1940 Sport Scout with a 57cu" 940cc engine. The engine number and frame number match but it is clear that the crankcases have been replaced at some time as the numbers are not factory stamped. (The man from DVLA was happy enough with them). The front frame half is a lightly modded 1936 (to clear cylinder and head) the rear is a lightened 640 one with clear factory numbers on the axle plate.

Ignition is by a Morris Magneto with less than 1000 miles of use on it, Carb is a 36mm Mikuni ((500 miles use) using a bronze Enfield Racing manifold with new nuts and peek seals. 

The motor was fitted with new Wiseco teflon coated pop up pistons. The barrels not a matched pair. (one 1940 and one 1939) they have been chromed and helicoiled to metric threads (by a previous owner) and the heads skimmed and sealed with solid copper gaskets. Oil pick up is a modified 47/48 Chief scraper to suit the Chief flywheels. Exhausts are big bore 2 into 2 Stainless hand crafted by Rich Foss at Foss Fabrication, he also made up the foot pegs and controls in aluminium and stainless rod for me as well as modifying the rear guard, the frame mods repairs to cylinder heads etc etc (very talented guy ;) )

Clutch is a King Clutch and the primary chain and tensioner were new old stock.

Tanks are "made in India" aluminium ones. Seat is a custom leather bates style solo. Front wheel is a Triumph T140 disc hub laced to a 19" Borrani alloy rim, rear is a BSA/Triumph QD hub and brake laced to an 18" Borrani rim both with stainless spokes. Tyres are Pirelli MT90 dirt pattern.

The Scout is currently in winter storage but I plan to re-commission it once the snow and ice have cleared away.
This is a one off custom built Indian using original Indian parts in UK "daylight" road going trim, it has the potential to be a potent vintage, hand shift, dirt track racer, sprinter, hillclimber or just a good fun road going classic. It currently has a Triumph Bonnie T140 disc braked front end. which is great for on the dirt or rough ground. Could do with a steering damper for faster road work.
I have a 741b girder fork complete with a 648 style bar and riser castings, a Warrior tele fork , a Junior Scout girder fork that would need light modification to fit the Scout and could be available by separate negotiation. Both were common options for period race Scouts.
£17,500. that's UK pounds Sterling :)
Would consider trade in, part exchange but would prefer a cash deal.
email steveplowman@hotmail.co.uk