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Over 30 years of buying, breaking, building, cutting, welding, riding and selling greasy old mo'sickles. Bare bones bikes from the middle of nowhere!

Saturday 30 June 2012

A couple of classic visitors today an early '30s Morris Major and an Austin 12

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Sunday 24 June 2012


I think its time a certain little Trumpet got a little TLC

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Saturday 9 June 2012

New Arrival

Clarke 500 12speed lathe/mill
We had to clear a bit of space for it, but its all bolted down, levelled and trued up now ready for work.

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Friday 8 June 2012

On the lift today

Getting a tidy up!
1976 Montesa Cota 247

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Thursday 7 June 2012

A few days in a different era

I was prepping the Scout for its mot yesterday, i was in the shop at lunchtime and looked out to see a group of folk in 1930's period costume standing looking at the Indian. Went out to see what was going on.... They were part of a film project reenacting the evacuation of  kids to country areas at train stations around the highlands...

Today I was working on the Chout... Looked up as i had just put the tanks on and a lovely little 1936 MG TA pulled up. The owner showed me around the car, a 1250cc 4 cylinder fitted with a Shorrock supercharger and an 1.5" SU .. same carb i plan on using on my Chout

Monday 4 June 2012

Adventure rider

I was on my way home from Achnasheen tonight and overtook a rider on an old moped laden with camping gear. i had to meet up with a supplier on the road home so i pulled in at Tarvie on the Ullapool road, the moped rider pulled in behind me. I spoke to him for a while, turns out hes a Dutch student, the ped is a 1966 Simpson Schwalba.. Which i think means swallow... He had ridden up the west coast of Scotland, over the Bealach na Ba ( highest mountain pass in Scotland ) in first gear most of the way! Up to Ullapool and was heading south to Hull to get the ferry home... We get loads of BMW GS mounted adventure riders stopping in at Achnasheen at the cafe, but none of them know true adventure...

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