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Sunday 24 July 2016

FS: Indian 640 Sport Scout Racer basket

Most of the big and small hard to find parts to build a 1940 Indian 640 Sport Scout power plant , engine and 3 speed hand shift transmission, and a welded repro/copy sport scout frame.. The values are what I have paid to get the parts to the UK, or approximate values if I have traded to get the items. I don't want to part the project out as It has been gathered over the last 3 years with a view to build a racer to compete at UK flat track events such as Dirtquake. Due to personal reasons I have no inclination to go racing any more so its time to move the project on and concentrate on building my rigid Indian Chief road bike instead.

Indian Parts

640 crankcases c/w flywheels and conrods , will need new timing and drive side pin, cages and bearings ..new crank pin and nuts included – 800
In nice condition with good clear FDA (640 number) dating cert from Indian Club available and will help register for road if required
640 cylinders good fins, will need liners and valve seat inserts and there are small heat cracks in the valve seat to bore area (this work can be done by www.coxandturner.co.uk ) – 800
640 cylinders are very hard to get hold of in any condition – they always need some work, new ones are available from the USA they cost $1800 and will need the valve guides pushrod guides etc fitted and machining to suit pistons etc. These cylinders are restorable and usable
640 cylinder heads will need fin repairs but serviceable – 150
New cylinder heads are available for $500 from the USA that would be about £450 shipped and taxed into the UK.. fin repairs are easy for any good alloy welder
640 timing cover - 100
640 Scout cams c/w shafts and timing gears – 300
640 Cam followers – 150
640 Timing pinion - 40
640 Drive sprocket – 50
640 complete oil pump – 250
Will need gaskets and screw kit and a service
640 straight through race exhaust pipes – 150
Joe Hunt magneto - modified HD to Indian spec – 300
Gives a fixed advance position, tried and tested .. gives a good spark
640 inlet manifold c/w nuts and olives – 75
Will take a std Linkert carb, available off ebay.. or fit an adaptor and use a Mikuni or Amal


Race replica all welded new steel frame built in Denmark using a 640 frame jig. It is pretty accurate dimensionally but does not use castings as per the originals.. Saves the high cost and time to find an original one that would then need all of the excess cut off. - 1100

Used but usable Arces/Ceriani 35mm  fork c/w alloy yokes and steering dampener assembly - 300

Indian Scout Transmission parts
Transmission case – 200
Primary covers (new outer+ older repaired inner) – 400  
Clutch kit – 150
Gearset, main and countershaft – 300
Linkage and gearshift lever – 30
Kicker mount boss - 20

Wheel choices

Talon hub grasstrack wheels 19" + 21" front and tyres less brakes straight pull spokes, suitable for trials type small discs or no brakes for flattrack.. I can sort out different wheels if required – 200
Or  Made in India Royal Enfield ones I have a set of complete new ones 18” rear 19” front £300 c/w speedo drive bearings spindles etc.

alloy trials tank (used with a few minor dents) or steel peanut job – 65
Tank in the mock up picture is sold, new Indian tanks are available on ebay from about £285 up with the advantage of the built in oil tank. If you fit a fuel only tank you will need to fit a separate oil tank with flow, return and vent.

ribbed alloy guard (triumph type) – 80
I used the same on my Chout build

Saturday 4 June 2016


Ive been riding the Flying Brick most of this week too and  from work (a 110 mile daily commute) and for local runs into town and just out and about on the Black Isle.. its one of those easy bikes that does everything with a minimum of fuss.. Its comfortable to ride,  never misses a beat and takes everything in its stride.

I'd like to smarten it up a bit, a nice paint job would be good, a waterproof seat, a good digital speedo and head unit and maybe some powder coat to the frame and wheels..

I got to looking about for some ideas for a paint job and keep coming back to the BSK Speedworks site, thats where I got the 4 into 1 manifold from and they produce a lot of good kit to upgrade K100's


their cafe racer has the look I am after, but I prefer the riding position I have with scrambler bars and slightly rear set pegs.. I might invest in a set of their rear sets and a shock and progressive springs to stiffen the suspension up a bit.

Thursday 26 May 2016

The elephant (brick) in the room

I picked up a 1987 BMW K100LT last year as part of a deal, as you do! It was an real ugly piece of 1980's excess that i'm sure made it very popular with the Gold Wing and Pan European fans out there..
After one short ride I knew it would have to either go or get some serious modification.. the gold fairing and luggage was all pretty tired and the big screen up front was all cracks and going opaque in  places. As the bike was at may workplace i decided that lunch break to start to strip it down and see what could be done to lighten the load...

13 lunch breaks later it was back on the road, and I had a big pile of plastic lying in the yard!

Saturday 21 May 2016

A little bit more done to the Chout

Changed the modified 741 bars for a set of repo'28 101 Scout  bars from Roman in the Czech Republic, also fitted a 21" wheel with a spool hub, I'm rebuilding the 2ls braked hub into a 21" rim to match the 18" shouldered rear wheel... much happier with the stance and the riding position now

Saturday 14 May 2016


For the last couple of years Ive been gathering a 640 Indian Sport Scout together to build a little 45cu" racer. I had sourced a vertical twin Warrior TT chassis from Jim Preussner in the USA and gradually bought all of the main power plant components doing trades with mates and buying lots of scrap (some good some not so good) on ebay. I mocked up the Warrior last year and it looked like it would hang together fine, but to be honest the factory Sport Scout frame looks so much better .. it has a certain look about it when pared down to the minimum that looks so right! Genuine Sport Scout frames are becoming unobtanium, replicas are being produced in small numbers but they are very expensive and beyond the budget I have for this project, thats why I had settled on the Warrior chassis.. until.. I got an email from Poul Erik Mathieson in Denmark, he was producing fully welded Sport Scout style frames for around the £1000 mark, not cheap but I have seen genuine rear sections go for nearly twice that! I decided to buy one and see what they are like close up... Frame arrived on a pallet to my workplace on Thursday afternoon and was quickly unpacked to have a look When you stand back and look it is unmistakably a Sport Scout frame, on closer inspection you can see that it does not use frame castings, instead the tube joints have been over sleeved to give that look. the welds look good and the plasma? cut rear axle plates look the same outline as factory ones with out the cast in steps.. I will take some close up pics during the week. Yesterday I tried the empty cases and cylinders in the front frame for size.. I think it will work out fine šŸ˜Ž

Wots up boss tell me whats a happnin'

Been a busy month or so here in the Highlands of Scotland.. BlackBob went over to David at Loch Ness Restorations for his annual pre MOT fettling session and got a bucket of stainless fasteners thrown at him for good measure.. gradually chasing the rust away.. still got to fit a pair of rust free discs but I'll gust have to try and keep riding to keep em buffed up šŸ˜Ž
The little red Warrior TT Scout racer has now arrived safely at its new how in Madrid with David at ElSolitario I hope he has as much fun with it as I did.
The Stroker Scout has been laid up for a while in storage with the Chout, Ive just fitted a Mikuni conversion using an Enfield Racing manifold and new peek seals.. watch this space!!

Thursday 28 April 2016

Its been a long time....

since I posted on here.. its a bit late for a new years resolution, but I hope to bring the blog back to life..