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Thursday 27 October 2011

2005 Harley Fatboy for sale

Rowans everyday bike.... contact him via the Sprunghubs n Hardtales blog

Harley Davidson 2005 FLSTFi Fatboy

88B 1450cc Injection
S&S 510 Cams
Timken Bearings
S&S Oil Pump and Cam Gear Kit
Doherty Mystfree Engine Breathers
SE Heavy Air Breather
SE II Slip on Exhausts
Progressive fork springs and competition fork oil
fully mapped ignition
upgraded idler injector
immobilizer, alarm and DNA coded
LED Flush fit caps and a whole pile of the usual extras
To include original tank, seat, passenger backrest, exhaust, airfilter, factory service and parts manuals

I Bought this bike in 2006 while living in Europe, it was imported earlier this year when I moved back to England and is now on an English date related registration, the headlight and KPH speedo were replaced for UK compliant headlight and MPH speedo it has done 40,000 miles in total and I have the previous KPH speedo which documents this, it has an excellent service history and has had the oil changed every 5000km (3100mls) with no expense spared, it has always been run on Mobil 1 engine oil and S&S oil Filters, it has excellent Avon Venom tyres, good drive belt and brake pads and has road tax till November 2012 and MOT till March 2012… this bike is a press and go anywhere machine that makes for a great tourer but also has the advantage of a tweeked engine (£4,000 in engine work) it now has enough attitude to set parked car alarms off when it passes them and when it comes on cam will chew up and spit out any of the newer standard 96cui 6 speed harley’s. This bike is ultra reliable !!
I’m going to miss this mile eater but I must sell it to complete other projects, only serious enquiries please

Sunday 23 October 2011

Down off "the bench"

Running and sounding a lot happier without the baffles. A lot less bounce with the new shocks and the seat fits me fine 8)

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Saturday 22 October 2011

A bit more seat worx

Cut the rear 1/4 off the bsa seatbase leavimg 2 tabs to be trimmed tp fit the mounting points on the zed tail......

Tailpiece fits neatly down over the base, a littlle bit of trimming here and there then it can be rivetted together

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Friday 21 October 2011

Cosmic Supply Co to the rescue

Rummaging around under my bench looking for a bit of scrap to make up a seatbase for the Ironhead, pulled out an old BSA b40 base, just tried it for size......

Sits just about right, brackets line up with shocker bolts and with a little trimming..........

The zed tailpiece will sit down round it nice and snug

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A bit of prismic goodness

From the Dorset Digger King

Cheers Rowan 8)

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Wednesday 19 October 2011

Carb for the 340

Having had a bit of success with the SU on my Sport Scout, ive been on the lookout for a 1.5" SU to go on the '40 chief motor. I had a bid on a really nice h4 off a '39 Jag SS but it went wayyyyy over my budget.
I put a low bid on this H38-11 which is a Hitachi built version of SU's h4 ... As fitted to Datsun 240z in pairs and used by the BMC Mini racing guys. Turned up this morning...... Brand new in its original box!

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Monday 17 October 2011

Leave it!

Yesterday i put the Ironhead on a car jack and stripped off the knackered rear shocks, typical HD the bushings aint the same as the pair of good Triumph ones ive got lying under the bench! I pushed the still serviceable HD bushes out and the ones in the Triumph shockies out so i could fit the MoCo ones using my press.……

Ran outta time last night so i'll have to press em in tomorrow

The jack must have a leak cos when i looked at the bike on the trailer/bench this morning it had sunk down ..... Looks so much better sitting low!!!

Been lookong at bolt on hardtails all afternoon!!

 l like this one,,, nicked from the Caferacerspecial Blog but I'm still sticking to the street tracker plan 8)

For now!

Saturday 15 October 2011

Less is more

Starting with the big seat and subframe.....  binned and replaced with a z900 tail piece

Friday 14 October 2011

Decisions decisions

Ive had a few phonecalls about the '76 ironhead i got from Iain last week... A couple of offers of trades but for various reasons the decision has been made to put the Sporty on the road for the winter.
So here we have it up on the al fresco bench getting a bit of pre mot serviceing

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Objet desire

1.5" SU H4 from a '39 Jag SS ......Want it on my 1933 Chief motor!

Thursday 13 October 2011

Eddies 5TA up fer grabs

1962 Triumph T100A, 500cc 5TA Engine. Complete sludge trap up engine rebuild, MOT ready to ride.


More info and photos: eddie@reddice.co.uk

Saturday 8 October 2011

Just playing with the shitpile

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Cold light of the morning

A fair bit of cleaning and oiling to do but a good solid bike. The chrome frame and pipes have a bit o rust but nothing too drastic. Picked up a suitably sized mini tractor battery from the farm store on the way west this morning, hope to have it running soon :-)

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Monday 3 October 2011

Its getting kinda wintery up here in the Highlands

I'd hoped to get a bit done to the T this summer, but summer never really got here!

Still, there's always next year ;-)

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Saturday 1 October 2011

Indian 741b Scout flattracker basket ...SOLD

Engine in bits, all the difficult to find parts are there in good usable order, engine and trabs plates ... Norton 4 speed box available .... Chris Ireland (Desperate Dan ) 2 piece frame with neck made to take taper roller bearings ..... BSA teleforks and 18" wheels available.
Original pair of 741 tanks, repo pan saddle and springs

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